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We used to smoke Bhang in the toilet with Waititu claims Gov. Sonko



Nairobi governor Mike sonko has once again sent his harsh words to his Kiambu counterpart Ferdinand waititu over what he claimed as misunderstanding and high usage of drugs at unnecessary time.
Sonko said his conterpart uses too much bhang just the same way they did years back while at shimo la tewa prison.
Sonko said they used to hide in the toilet and smoke bhang but on his side stopped using the harmful drug and left Waititu in the darkness.
Sonko who overtook an interview on Citizent’s JKL yesterday further reiterated that he will not condone corrupt people next to him.
late 2018, Waititu’s wife was arrested after she was onvolved in cases touching on illegal buildings in Nairobi, Waititu pleaded with Sok to release his wife a phone call conversation sonko released after fully recording it.
Below is the conversation:

Sonko: Waititu anavuta bangi mingi…
Jeff: You can’t say that on air without evidence.
Sonko: I have evidence, we used to smoke with him in the toilet, he used to hide inside his socks. Mimi niliwacha bangi but yeye bado anavuta!
Sonko: Watu wenda wazimu kama Waititu. Wanavuta bangi always, heri mimi nilikuwa Prefect in Nursery School and headboy when I was an inmate at Shimo la Tewa Prison.
Sonko: I’ve been a thief, fraudster, land grabber… I’m the only dawa to the Nairobi Cartels as I’m a thief…
Sonko: …na Jeff usinipeleke mbio, mimi si chokora

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