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We Will Request Uhuru on his Kisumu trip to compensate our people killed by Police



By Dr Onyango Ochieng Jnr

I hope Uhuru Kenyatta’s presence in Kisumu during the upcoming trip with Raila Odinga will be used by our local leaders to push the president to personally intervene & compensate victims of state brutality(police shootings) during the last year poll.

It is only Luos who have never been compensated in this country, be it the 1992 Likoni tribal clashes, 2007 PEV , 2013 and 2017. Mt Kenya were given 400k plus land, Kisiis were given 10k, for luyhas may be Khalwale and Wetangula ate their money …

It would be very unfortunate, if serious historical grievances are swept under the rug and the whole event turned into a bashing contest of William Samoei Ruto by speaker after speaker.

I also wish, leaders led by the Gov Nyong’o will snap this opportunity and push the president into commissioning that hyacinth combine harvester currently idling away at Kisumu pier into the lake to harvest the weed & thus alleviate the suffering of our fisher-folk.

Our people have suffered enough in the hands of selfish, plutocratic and insensitive leaders who careless about the masses. They hide behind ethnic nationalism, as an insurance cover against their shortsightedness and greed. Let them prove us wrong, let them abandon the Ruto bashing, and propel compensation of our people. That is what we need now!

This is the time, this is the opportunity…let them recall IDPs were compensated almost 10 times including fake ones.

Our people too are Kenyans.

Luo Lives Matter!

On the other news:

Wetangula now wants Raila to support his presidential bid…One thing I like about Wetangula is that his dreams are often ginormous– too huge for any sane being. His dreams are the kind of dreams that should be preserved for whales and elephants or maybe he changes his name to ELEngula. Without Raila’s personal intervention through innovative high octane campaigns, Muskari Kombo was bathing Wetangula in that contest like a new born baby.

With such a political weakling standing on clay feet, how does he even master the courage to imagine, let alone dream of presidency? Curiously, he is called MOSES…If only biblical Moses was to rise from his grave & discover that such a nondescript of a leader is named after him, Moses would grab a bamboo cane and flog Wetangula thoroughly.

Wetangula should concentrate on transforming FK into an institution that offers alternative leadership choices through some serious national organizational framework; not begging for presidency when we all know he can’t run a political patchwork like Ford Bungoma which has less than 40 members nationally.

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