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Who has stolen more? Arap Mashamba or Uthamaki? NIS protecting looters from Mt Kenya?



By O O

This needs to be clear. Mashamba’s looting is just one side of the same coin. The two crooks were a ‘joint ticket’, and both have their snouts firmly in the feeding trough. The fact that one side of the coin has such a firm grip of the NIS, the propaganda machinery and our ‘Githeri media’ don’t mean that ‘Uthamaki’ and the ‘Mountain Mafia’ ain’t sucking us dry like leeches.

It is just that ‘Uthamakistan’ are playing us all into seeing just one side of a two sided coin. And if you sought my honest opinion, much as the Sugoi thief’s primitive, brazen, unhinged and ‘no holds barred gluttony’ is more obvious and visible, the real Hyena that is devouring our nation is ‘Jezebel and her Mafia’. Her son is just running errands!

After he imported fake fertilizer and condemned Kalenjin farmers to a poor harvest, he did not pause there. He went ahead to loot all the money that had been allocated to the NCPB to pay them for this dismal harvest. And then told them to go plant Avocados. And he did not pause there. Next, he had 21 billion bob of funds that had been allocated to build dams for the Kalenjin of Elgeyo Marakwet County wired to some crooks in Italy, who wired it to England, from where it was wired back to Kenya and distributed to his Companies back here!

And yet, the same Kalenjin get extremely worked up here on social media if you as much as suggest that he will never be President. They are so passionately and aggressively pushing his 2022 bid that one can’t help but wonder about their sanity. Walikosea Mungu vipi lakini hawa watu wa Kutangatanga? My advice to the more discerning and sensible of them is really simple. Apologise to ‘Arap Mibei’ Raila Odinga, beg him to take them under the shadow of his huge wings and protect them from the marauding predator!

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