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Why Kenyan celebs are going crazy – Nairobi News



Reality verses real life. Kenyan celebrities have taken their creativity a notch higher this festive season with a challenge that has gone viral.

Photos and videos have been making rounds on Instagram showing the contrast between the reality and perception that people have on social media verses their actual lives.

Musicians Bahati, Fena, Chef Ali Mahndry and actresses Nyce Wanjeri and Kate Actress have all been sharing and hash tagging their challenges with #XmasRealityChallenge.

The challenge has been so successful that mobile company Infinix Kenya has decided to join in and will now be rewarding people who posts their humorous challenge with a brand new phone for doing something that is fun.

You could say it is in line with the Christmas spirit of sharing joy and laughter. The most viral submission has so far is garnered 75,000 views on Instagram.

People are now sharing their videos and photos with the #XmasRealityChallenge showing their real life versus the perception people have on social media.

The most viral challenges by number of likes or video views will win phones courtesy of Infinix Mobility Kenya when you upload it on your Instagram account and mention them on Instagram.

All other participants stand a chance of winning Infinix branded merchandise.