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Why Maina Kageni never graduated from University despite going to college in the UK





Did you know that Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni was to become a lawyer? But life happened and he squandered all his school fees.

The Breakfast show radio presenter is known to many as a personality who never entered the gates of a University but luck has been on his side.

Maina left Kenya for the UK, to get enrolled into a college but he turned it into a business affair.

Radio personality, Maina Kageni

Instead of going to school, Maina’s itch to earn money saw him use school fees to fund for his stay abroad.

Meanwhile, he would work as a truck driver and fish distributor for some Chinese firm.

Decisions that saw his mother hold a grudge against him for at least quarter a century. Responding to his online Q&A session with fans, he disclosed:

For the 25 years, my mum only forgave me last year.

Maina Kageni

Maina’s mom had invested in her son, in the best ways possible, trusted him with school fees unlike his siblings, and eagerly awaited his graduation day but the radio personality was busy doing other things.

The veteran radio presenter admitted he was not aware his mother was still holding to the eventuality, for a solid 25 years, until 2019.

I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK. My mum found out and she was not happy with me until last year. She called me home and after dinner, she told me she had forgiven me for not going to university.


Classic 105’s Maina Kageni

Explaining why, the mother confessed how ambitious she was in seeing all her children become University graduates.

Only for her dreams to get crushed sooner other than later.

My mum told me ‘Maina, if there is something I had promised your dad is that all his children would go to University.’

Maina Kageni is now a personality who does not need to introduce himself, having worked in multiple radio establishments in Kenya.

Veteran radio personality, Maina Kageni

If anything, he stands as a household name in the Kenyan radio and media industry.

However, he revealed his dream was to become a lawyer.


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