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Woman shot in the leg by police officer in Ngei estate



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A Nairobi woman is pleading for justice after she was shot in the leg  by a police officer in Ngei Estate.

Beatrice Auko reported to Ghetto Radio that the incident took place on Saturday Dec 1st at around 9 o’clock as she left her home to take her nephew back home.

She said she walked outside her house and was shocked to see a man running fast past her house when the officer came after the man and fired.

“nilipofika kwa gate niliona kijana anakimbia mbio….baada tukaangaliana na askari…akatoa bunduki akanipiga kwa mguu (I got to the gate and saw a young man running fast then saw the officer behind him when he removed his gun and shot at me.)” she said

Scared for his life the nephew ran away after the gunshot.

She said the police officer when approached refused to pay for her medical bill yet she cannot afford it arguing that she is the bread winner of the family and a lot is at stake while she ails.

She is currently undergoing treatment at Kiambu Hospital, after several hospitals declined to treat her.