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You will never be president, just grab and go home- Atwoli tells DP Ruto



Atwoli’s message a few minutes ago as KNUT joins COTU in a ceremony..

” I have been around in Labour Movement for 52 years. When I say something, it has far reaching implications and they have come to pass. Disregard them at your own risk.. Now hear this; about Kenya’s presidency in 2022, you must know this country is the centre and statehouse of all economic and military activities in this region. Many nations in East and Central Africa like Rwanda, Sudan, Burundi, Somalia, Uganda, Southern Sudan and many others, their monies, interactions and loans are banked here in Nairobi by many respected international partners and that is the reason why Kenya’s shilling remains strong.. So let nobody cheat you that you will tanga tanga and become a president in Kenya without the requisite goodwill from local and international interests, never!…. Presidency in Kenya is not decided at the ballot but in boardroom. Uchaguzi Kenya iko kwa MCAs, MPs, and Governors. Presidency is another issue. It can not be given to a broker…let no one cheat you that you can just tanga tanga and blackmail people everywhere to become a president, you can’t!…you can’t..!!

~ COTU Secretary General His Excellency, His mightiness, His Earthquakeness, Dr. Francis Atwoli…

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