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You won’t believe this is what TV girl Grace Msalame has been going through



Two weeks post my fibroid removal surgery grateful to be walking around albeit slowly(very slowly)& being able to drive this week is truly by the Grace of God because my desire was to go back to business as usual so all I can do is thank God??

My Doctor asked me why I haven’t blogged about my experience & I simply just wasn’t ready but this may help someone…

I had an abdominal myomectomy open surgery because it was quite large with other little ones. What were the symptoms? Well this whole year I’ve had very heavy periods lasting a week plus until my anemia levels dropped to 9almost 8 & normal levels is at least 12 eventhough I’ve been working hard to boost my iron levels with our #GetYourIronUp Campaign little did I know I was loosing way too much blood so I had to treat that first then go in for surgery. Another symptom that can drive you crazy is how bloated you get & sometimes even look Months pregnant??‍♀️

Even after the surgery the swelling has taken time to go down but today there was a visible difference?tho I’m still conscious until full recovery??

Fibroids are very common with us black women in fact I discovered that all the women from my late Dad’s side of the family have all had them so it can be genetic but no direct cause is linked to the growths. Healthy diet, exercise, good BMI all go a long way but doctors have told me that even the healthiest of women still get them, so it really is unknown but my doctor is of the opine that the Uterus is made to create life so when one takes long gaps between having children or takes too long to have kids they have higher chances of getting them! So me & my 7yr gap?someone tell the Mr my womb is ready??♥️

On a serious note I’m so grateful to my doctor & the hospital that took such good care of me & of course my family & friends your love is a gift that reminds me of God’s Goodnesss?Asante??

Big lesson 2018! In all things Give Thanx?????Ata kwa haya nashukuru Mola for He is the knower of all??

PS: Ofcourse I was fully repping in my favorite Kenyan Brand Vivo Activewear with matching handbag thanks to @jokajokleather because my late Paps always taught us “Buy Kenya, Jenga Kenya!” Hence why I’m the proud Vivo Brand Ambassador???


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