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‘You’re nothing but a sore loser’ Nana Owiti blasts troll who questioned her lifestyle



Over the weekend, King Kaka decided it’s time he made things official. He went down on one knee and proposed to his long term lover, Nana Owiti, in front of a cheering crowd.

8 years down the line, King Kaka has done the one thing most men are afraid of doing.

Not everyone will be happy for the good things that are happening in your life and Nana is not happy about the things people are saying about her.

Taking to social media, she revealed that people have been sending her screenshots of things people are saying about her.

I said Yes, Wait.. I said Yes a loooong ass time ago. I’m so happy and 8yrs on still in love with my man. Now, I need to rant…. I was gonna let this one slide because that’s what I normally do. I hardly ever read comments but some people took it upon themselves to send me screenshots of what people are saying. I realized there are some people who will always have shit to say no matter what you do. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

Seriously though, what is wrong with some people? If truly you are happy in life and are making all the right moves, then why should my engagement bother you? Si wewe basi you’ve done everything by the book, why should my life and the way I’ve chosen to live it bother you? I also realized that men are the majority ones in making nasty comments.

But she was really upset at one individual who questioned her lifestyle and Nana did not spare him as she went ahead to give him a piece of what he was looking for.

YOU are 34 years old, living in your stuffy bedsitter, perusing the Internet for cheap porn, insisting to DM girls who never respond to you. Sasa because you have no way of releasing your **** you decide to release your bile on me na hata simkujui?? My brother… You’re nothing but a sore loser, a wasted sperm whose purpose in life is to pick your nose while waiting to win sportpesa… Kijana, are the witches in your village fanning themselves with your picture? Men your age are sealing deals, signing contracts, building empires, providing for their families, wewe tu uko hapa na machungu za maisha ukihangaika kulipa Deni za tala na timiza.

And then you have the audacity to dictate how my body should look like, if your mother looks like Jlo after giving birth to you then you can talk, but if not, keep your ideals to yourself. So you who were born after your parents were married, how m life taking you so far? Have you gotten a promotion ama haulipi. tax? Umepunguziwa rent au matatu ban haijakupata huwa unabebwa na chopper Hadi CBD??

She concluded by giving her sentiments about marriage and relationships.

“Life Is not a competition. There are no awards for “married after campus and kids followed after. Marriage is not the ultimate level of a relationship, commitment  is. And a relationship Is not measured by a piece of paper or a ring. King shows his commitment to me and our family in meaningful ways that far exceed a band of metal around a finger..”

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