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10 Things you need to know about Kagwe Mungai’s new secret project



We cannot hold back the excitement and anticipation for the release of Kagwe Mungai’s debut album, Spectrum.

With the social media tease of the track list and cover art, Kagwe is making all the right

moves giving us a glimpse of what to expect from this dynamic project.

Here are ten things you should know about Spectrum:

The meaning is all in the title

Kagwe has really pushed himself and explored all avenues in creating this masterpiece with his music engineering background, the diversity in the album makes you journey through different sounds in such a way you just drift from one tune to the next.

Spectrum is truly a significant marker in the artist’s career. So far, he has managed to release singles and collaborations which hinted to a moment we’ve been waiting for.

The album has 12 tracks

Making an entire album is a mean feat of work. Mastering 12 entire songs does not even begin to explain how much blood and tears went in for the work of art that will be sampled therein.

Special feature

The album features a few well known Kenyan homegrown artists which offers an eclectic mix from the beauty of collaboration.

We can’t wait to see who are among the crew that has made this entire project worth the wait.

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One of the songs almost didn’t make it to the track

Kagwe was too emotional about one of the singles on the tracks, he could not bring himself to let the world hear it due to the vulnerability the song exposed.


His mom gave him blessings to write/ publish one of the songs (Ogopa Mungu). This uplifting track will be released as a single before the big album launch.

The launch date is May 4th

Coinciding with the famous Star Wars Day, Kagwe is a big fan of the franchise and decided

it best to commemorate it alongside his album launch, however, if he decides to push the date which will be announced soon.


Expect merchandise

What would an album launch be without all the lovely trinkets? expect the like of actual

 autographed albums to be on sale, as well as t-shirts, hats, khangas etc to be available.

Kagwe Mungai

Kagwe Mungai is taking this album around the world. After his launch in Kenya, he plans to tour different continents, spreading the love for Kenyans music.


As part of his personal motto, Spectrum showcases the evolution of Kagwe Mungai sound. He brings out the diversity of what it means to be an African artist on global stage.

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