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’12 years in and you are still the best friend I have ever had’ Anita Nderu celebrates boyfriend




Anita Nderu is still sprung 12 years later with her boyfriend, Sunny.

As she celebrates her man turning 30, Anita shared a long, emotional open letter to wish him nothing but the best.

Happy 30th birthday honey bun A.K.A Meme master! Welcome to the 3rd floor!
May you be blessed with many many more decades! You are the greatest blessing in the lives of all of us who have gotten to know you, be loved by you and done this thing called life with you. From your beautiful heart & spirit to amazing personality! Your lack of chills to extremely honest form of expression.

Anita Nderu got more sentimental about their special moments, assuring Sunny that she is for the long ride and what lies ahead for them.


12 years in and you are still the best friend I have ever had. I remain grateful & honored to have you in my life. Cheers to many more years of laughs, love, adventures, you advising me and me not listening, whisky nights with tons of EDM, cheers to you! You introducing me to shows I will never understand and to me beating you at every board game we will ever play and to you for perfecting what an amazing human should be comprised of in every way! I look forward to whatever greatness lies ahead! I love you to bits and pieces! Happy 30th @sunmannagram

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To Sunny, welcome to the third floor and a happy birthday to you.

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