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5 practical ways to prepare for the New Year – Nairobi News



As curtains come down on the year 2018 tomorrow, remember it matters how you prepare for your new year.

Many people who do not prepare for the New Year take time to start accomplishing what they have set out and often find themselves unable to complete anything.

According to David Allen the author of Getting Things Done, only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective results and unleash our creative potential.

Here is how to prepare for a fruitful 2019:

  1. Write down everything

Writing is a way of committing to the plans and dreams you have so create a list of tasks, projects and ideas you intend to implement in 2019.

  1. Create timelines

Every year has 12 months and so for every 2019 project, append a month you intend to complete it and track down to make amendments according to what delays or fast tracks every project.

  1. Free your mind

Sit quietly sometime before the year begins on Tuesday and visualize how your 2018 has been then begin accepting what did not go as planned. Freeing your mind from self-blame will get you all geared up for 2019 and you will be able to accomplish much more.

  1. Visualize your year

Imagine how things will be once you accomplish every single plan that you have written down. Visualize how completion of projects will change your life and that will give you the motivation to actualize.

  1. Review month by month

Do not overlook any month starting from the infamous “Njaanuary” take time to review the months as they end. This will keep you on track in achieving all that you have set out to achieve by the time the year ends.