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5 Ways to make amends as the Year 2018 comes to a close – Nairobi News



If all you attempted in 2018 went right off the rails, don’t fret about. Here is how to make amends:

I have met few chaps who have nice things to say about 2018. To most folks, the year handed them a thorough thrashing. But that is not the subject of this article.

If all you have been doing is piss your life away, and if all you attempted in 2018 went right off the rails, don’t fret about. Here is how to make amends:

1. Electrifying your romantic life

It is one tragedy to endure a terrible career, and another to live through drab sex. Granted, nothing sucks life out of romance more than losing the ability to make her toes curl. Or to make him squirm. The bitterness, the sense of worthlessness is monumental. Make her a meal. Buy him his dream cuff links. Romance is best fanned by these. If the sex has been bland, how about trying it the kinky way in ’19? The kinkier the more exciting, I overheard.

2. Daring move

You have a crush. As we all do. But you haven’t had the nerve to approach all year. Just think about the pleasures you could be missing. Picture this: your love-interest could just be waiting for your move. And here you are being all decent. You surely don’t want a less deserving bloke to win her heart under your nose. Move now. Win her. Be rejected. Whatever. The world will not judge you for trying. It will condemn you for playing safe.

A man charms a woman with a bouquet of flowers. PHOTO | NATION

3. Putting an end to a habit

Lusting after other men, women? Wanking? Drunk-driving? You know what you love to do while alone. How is it affecting your social life? Are you proud of it? Is it something you could openly discuss with him, her? If nay, then perish it. You don’t need any other motivation to do this, do you? If you can put a stop to a habit that you feel is eating into your repute, don’t wait for 2019 to do that.

4. You are a man worth his manhood or a woman worth her womanhood

If so, don’t carry over ills of 2018 to the new year. If you snitched on someone, cheated on your spouse or failed to honour a commitment, you have this week to right your gaffes. As you will realise, humility will melt the hearts of those you wronged. And restore friendships. Arrogance only corrodes you from the inside. So, get off your high horse. Apologise. It makes life easier for everyone.

A depressed woman. PHOTO | NATION
A depressed woman. PHOTO | NATION

5. Starting a project

Is it a business you wish to start? A course you want to enrol for? Buy a house? A savings plan? How about you get moving before 2019? Getting things on the road now is the surest way to get them rolling down the hill. You will be surprised at how fast your fortunes change. Ignore the uncertainty around whether the venture will pan out. Remember, you can’t fix what you don’t have. Better be sorry than safe.

How you started the year does not matter a tad. But how you end it. You have exactly one week left on the calendar. Get working. Thank me later.