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A love like no other! Comedian Njugush reveals why he was accused of stealing together with his wife back in the day



Comedian Njugush has left many admiring the kind of love he shares with his wife, Celestine Ndinda.

In his latest post the celebrated comedian and father of 1 opened up about his first time experience in Mombasa.

Njugush and his wife in Dubai

Unlike most couples who often make reservations and go all out to ensure their trip is extraordinary…. Njugush and Celestine at the time had no money and their trip to Mombasa was made possible thanks to drama festival.

Apparently, Njugush only carried Ksh 500 which was meant to last the two for a whole week – but unfortunately he ended up spending it all at Mtito.

Accused of being thieves

Being the only people with no money and shopping, Njugush says they had to pretend all through…. yet deep down they both knew they had run out of money.

Since a few of the people they had travelled with to Mombasa knew about their financial struggles, Njugush and Celestine at some point were accused of stealing a phone.


Well, despite the hardship and challenges the two have faced in the past, their love seems to have remained constant and are now living their best lives as they conquer the world together.

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