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Aibu! Thirsty Kenyan women blasted for sliding in Martin Njoroge’s DM



Hundreds of Kenyan women have been exposed on Facebook for sliding in the DM of a man identified as Martin Njoroge.

Njoroge, posted that he was looking for a partner and his profile photo is what left many women’s panties soaking wet.

They wanted a piece of the brown-skinned, good looking man. Women flooded his DM hoping to have a piece of him, little did they know he was a scam.

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Many branded him sweet names like cutie, handsome and dzaddy. This is not the first time thirsty Kenyans women are being exposed.

Last year, a fake mzungu account going by the name Robin Johnson attracted thousands after he posted on Facebook that he was looking for a life partner.

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Well, Martin Njoroge later shared the DMs, telling men to collect their girlfriends and wives.

‘Okota bibi yako hapa,’ he wrote.

Check out the screenshots

Martin NjorogeMartin Njoroge

Martin NjorogeKenyan women

Many were shocked to see their friends and even wives on the list. Reactions include;

Yoggo De Alkaline Am seeing my wife here!!!???ama simu yangu iko na zake;; nisikupate kwa nyumba aki

Jimmy Nambili Mtaaibishwa na hizi kuku broiler mpka lini? Ati “Uliskiaje after kutusiwa” desperate whores…

Prudence Mwita Mtaambia nn mabae wenu aki

Bonnie Muriithi I can see a friend

Zahra Mohammed Nmeona my husbands there


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