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All You Need to Know About ‘My Perfect Wedding’ Presenter Georgina Mbira



Georgina Mbira is a Kenyan media personality who is most notable as host of ‘My Perfect Wedding’ on Maisha Magic East.

She talked to the Nairobian about all things weddings and what it takes to

As the presenter of ‘My Perfect Wedding,’ you must love weddings so much, don’t you?

I have grown to enjoy weddings and appreciate what it takes to pull one off.

It must be draining running up and down trying to put together a proper show?

It is a lot of work, quite draining… but I have an interesting crew, plus the end result is always fulfilling. The fact that I get to share one of the most memorable days of a couple’s life is addictive.

Which was the worst experience in the show?

Apart from days that I film while sick, I had a couple that had all sorts of weird stuff. Love did not look nor feel like it was in the picture. It was therefore extremely awkward to shoot.

You must have the best show ever…

Well, I have had a lot of ‘bests’. The free wedding we gave to Carlos (Zani) and Nancy (Mutava) of course stands out. The fact that we changed their lives in such a beautiful way makes me sleep well at night.

Would you take a bank loan for a wedding?

Absolutely not!

Must one pay to appear on ‘My Perfect Wedding?’  

We do not charge for couples to be featured on the show.

Aren’t weddings exaggerated?

To each his own. Also, there is really nothing new under the sun. I just wish people would not rush into having one if they are not financially ready. Extraordinary or laid-back weddings are just the bomb!

How do you deal with annoying brides and grooms during a shoot?

I remind them that it is them who invited us to cover their wedding. So, there is no need for them to be bride or groomzillas. But thankfully, those are rare instances and far between. However, when I am faced with one, I just suck it in.

Are there instances where the groom and the bride have fought during the shoot?

Yes. Well, not physically, but verbally. Behind the scenes is where all the fun is. We have witnessed several altercations, but we have to walk away and leave them to sort their issues first.

What challenge do you have with couples in the show?

The biggest challenge is when they feel the urge to act. It also takes a lot of gassing up to let their guard down. A lot of people get nervous when they see cameras. Also, asking questions like “what should I say?’’ “Do I stand up and open the door for you?

What attracted you to hosting a wedding programme?

Well, I just showed up for an audition. Twice. Honestly, I did not know what it was about until I was given a brief.

What is your best and worst experiences in hosting the show?

I always have unique experiences as I deal with different couple every week. Worst? Maybe if the couple is dead boring and I have to use up all my cool jokes to try and make them liven up.

How do you deal with the compliment of being told you are very beautiful?   

Thank you for the compliment. Well, I just say thank you. I don’t allow it to get to my head, after all beauty fades with time.

Describe your ideal man.

One who understands that sometimes I have absolutely bad days, I am addicted to Instagram, one who is kind and generous and ridiculously funny. His name is Kevin!

Are you married and how would you like your wedding to be like?

Yes, I am a married mother of two boys. I am yet to have my white wedding, but when I do, it will be dreamy. I would like a destination wedding – tulips, white lilies… let my imagination go wild!

What would you be doing if you were not hosting a wedding show?

I would be hosting a radio show. And it would be the best radio show on air.

Given a chance, what would you change in the showbiz industry in Kenya?

For the longest time, there has been a rule book on how people, especially women in showbiz, should look, talk, present etc. I would want to change that narrative and run away from it. People forego talent and are authentically looking for a certain ‘fit for TV’ look and therein lies a huge problem.

Tell us about your first hosting gig.

My first ever paying TV gig was on Star Times. It was a Christmas giveaway show. My good friend Grace Kariuki showed them a clip I had done for free and they were impressed and gave me the gig.

Do you have a side hustle?

Yes I do – voicing for radio, ads and documentaries. And if time and opportunities present themselves I model and collaborate with artists on different projects. I also host events such as the Kenya Wedding Awards.

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