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Anne Mwaura: “Don’t Talk About Your Mental Health in the Media Industry, You Won’t Get Jobs”



It feels like the conversation on mental health has just started, but 2019 marks the 70th year of raising awareness on mental health.

The world is now opening up to mental health discussions, particularly African communities where there has been so much stigma and taboo around mental health.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, Bonga, an initiative whose mission is to get people to open up and talk anonymously about what’s weighing heavily on their mind, will highlight stories of brave individuals who have shared their story and openly talked about the challenges they face everyday in a bid to inspire others going through the same and raise awareness on mental health.

We start this series with our very own Anne Mwaura, Capital FM radio presenter.

“When I started working in media, one of the first things someone told me was, don’t talk about your mental health issues because you won’t get jobs, people will think it’s all for attention and they will look at you differently. Everyday is a battle no matter what age or industry you’re in and this is why platforms like Bonga exist.

It is important that you find your triggers and express how you’re feeling no matter how hard it is because you need to be heard.”

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