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Ask your parents what they think of me. I have more between my ears than between my legs- Passaris blasts Kenyans 



The last 24 hours haven’t been too smooth for Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris.

Passaris was recently attacked on social media after saying that she can’t help solve all the problems Kenyans are currently facing.

She then lost her cool and started exchanging bitter words with netizens on the issue of the allowances. Apparently, MPs want more allowances because they are broke.


Since then, Kenyans have been attacking her in all kind of ways and the mother of one hasn’t backed down.

24 hours later, she’s still firing back at insults being hurled at her online.

In one of the recent tweets on Thursday, July 11, the woman rep had to remind netizens that what she had between her ears was more pretty than what could be found between her legs.

“Ask your father and mother what they think of me. You might learn a thing or two about women including your own mother, wife, sister, daughter. Hopefully you will learn that sex is overrated as an income earner. I have more between my ears than between my legs,” she tweeted. 

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