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Boy child, listen, if your slay queen is doing this, she is cheating on you



The boy child battalion is always complaining that the they are being oppressed.

To reduce some of that oppressive sting, here is a cheat sheet to avoid 99 problems with your slay queen.

Boy child, listen up.

If your bae is cheating on you, below are signs she will exhibit that will let you know, you are not alone, in her big, very giving and loving heart.

Does she nags a lot?

Well, if she does, she finds you annoying and she wants you to get angry with her so that you can let her go. When you do you have given her leeway to hit up the other side dude she had made plans with this weekend.

This is also around the same time she sees a lot of your imperfections. because the man she is seeing right now, behind your back is Mr Perfect.

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Does she keep telling you ‘We’re just friends‘

Baba, if your lady sucks her teethe and tells you, ‘Mtcheew, Muriuki? Nahhh, that is just my friend. For reals babe, me? Date Muriuks? Naah babe, never. He is an old pal.”

That is the slay queencode word for, ‘We is faxing with each other but i’m not read to leave you yet.”

Also when you ask her and she becomes uneasy and refuses to give you eye contact, jua unacheswo bro.

Does she always look distracted?

Women are FBI, CID, CIA, NIS rolled into one. We are naturally great listeners, so if your bae is not giving you that attention, boy child, pole sana.

If you notice she is losing interest and barely pays attention to what you’re saying, that means something else is playing on their minds.It could be last night’s Kamasutra session with Muriuks.

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Does she back out of confrontations?

When asked directly by her significant other whether she is cheating or not, chances are she will not admit and try everything possible to avoid confrontation.

She will remain silent, leave the conversation hanging or turn it around on you.

Has she lost interest in physical intimacy?

Dude, if she is not faxing with you, she is already faxing with somebody else. Best believe it.

No matter how good your strokes and sucking game is, she will lose interest in having sex if there is another man in her life. In most instances, this could the reason why she will pull away, act cold and distant.

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