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Brenda Wairimu off the market, “Yes, I am dating again!”



Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

Brenda Wairimu and Juliani formed a power couple for quite some time. The two even have a daughter together.

The pair had a tumultuous relationship with each addressing some of the problems their relationships experienced on occasion. The love story was however not destined for a happily ever after with the relationship coming to an end.

Brenda Wairimu and Juliani/ Instagram

The two still co-parent but are no longer each other’s refuge from the battles of the world.

That said, a little birdie had mentioned to me that Brenda Wairimu and actor turned photographer Ephy Saint were an item, a pair of lovers trying to light the embers of their fledgeling love.

I reached out to Brenda Wairimu to confirm whether or not she was indeed dating Ephy Saint and she gave me quite the diplomatic response;

“I am not dating Ephy Saint but I am dating again.”


I am sure this will come as a relief to most of Brenda Wairimu’s fans, in whose minds the scandal of a fight between Ephy Saint and his baby mama is still fresh. But to tell you the truth, I wouldnae be surprised if indeed they are dating because as they say, love is blind.

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