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Canon unveils camera that spots images 1km away in total darkness



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Digital imaging market leader Canon has unveiled a camera technology that allows you to spot moving subjects one kilometre away in total darkness without the help of a flash light.

The innovation was showcased during this year’s East Africa technology fair event held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi on May 14th and 15th.

“We are showing our latest innovations in input and output media solutions that intent to bridge the security gap in the tourism and corporate world,”  said the company’s East and Central Africa’s sales manager Parag Kauangal.

Mr Raul Gabat, kept attendees attentive when he explained the super capabilities of the Canon ME20F-SHN and Canon XF705 camcorder.

Canon ME20F-SHN enables users to capture clear images in total darkness, a new frontier in the fight against night insecurity and poaching.

“This can be used for surveillance purposes on full darkness, especially at night when thieves execute the biggest heists. They will think nobody is watching them but this camera will be recording them as if it were on broad daylight and in real-time,” he expounded.

It is an Internet Protocol (IP) camera that has several intelligent networked functions with a capability of shooting up to four million ISO in terms of light sensitivity from a full frame sensor to give the user full High Definition colour video in total darkness.

What baffled many attendees is that it does not use flash light to illuminate the subject.

“It can be managed remotely through a single Local Area Network cable. The lens is 50-1000mm and can capture images that are one kilometre away that are sharpened by an inbuilt infrared,” says Mr Gabat.

This innovation can be used in game parks and reserves to spot and record poacher’s identities and activities that can be used as evidence in court once they are arrested. This shall protect wildlife and grow tourism.

Mr Gabat also explained on the Canon XF705 camcorder that he said is the camera of the future.

With 4K resolution, infrared, Wi-Fi and touchscreen features, this device will ultimately replace Outside Broadcasting vans and equipment used by most media companies.

“It allows you to record events live from location and send the images straight to the central broadcasting room from wherever you are in the world,” Mr Gabat remarks.

To do this, the operator is required to connect it to the internet then get the IP address of event which is sent to studio for embedment.

It allows users to livestream and is a critical resource for YouTube vloggers as it follows the subject movements coupled with a  Dual-Pixel CMOS  feature.

“Video content is recorded in h.265 format and uploaded on YouTube in real time. For viewers to download this content, they must get the owner’s permission first. The owners content is highly protected against security and copyright breach,” he explained.

It records images without the need of a wind shield since it has an inbuilt sound filter and balance but it allows you to mount microphones. On full battery, it can livestream for two hours non stop.

Canon’s business development manager Ameur Allag exhibited a digital printer cum scanner and photocopier whose hard disk is protected though encryption.

“While printer thieves are used to flashing the hard drive of the machines they steal, our disk is encrypted such that only a Canon engineer can decrypt,” he said.

The machine uses Uniflow software to allow multiples, each with a username and password to utilise  its services over a network.  You can print via you mobile phone on Wi-Fi or data connection.

It is not Operating System limited, as Windows, Ubuntu, iOs and Android devices and systems can access its services from anywhere in the world, thanks to Google Cloud Connect.

Mr Kauangal said that the company was constantly seeking to connect with broadcasting, filmmaking and photography industry professionals to support them in their development of ever more innovative projects.

“It is the first time to witness the imaging solutions offered to capture ultra-low light footage as never seen before in colour and infrared,” he said.

Exhibitors in this year’s event showcased the latest innovations on imaging, optical fibre, digital monetisation, cyber security, blockchain, network solutions, broadcast ecosystems, branding, agri-tech, radio telecontrol, fintech, e-commerce, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, real-time IT management, hardware and mobile satellite.

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