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Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch to play first female 007 in James Bond




The code number 007 traditionally has been given to the role of a man but the next upcoming James Bond film is about to change all that.

The last time we left James Bond, he had retired from his role as 007 in the British secret service MI6. The code name has now been given to “Captain Marvel” star Lashana Lynch playing MI6 agent “Nomi.”

She’s the first black female actor to play the role of 007.

Bond 25


The news about the new character “Nomi” replacing Bond has elicited mixed reviews. The 007 franchise has faced its criticism over the years on how the films portray women. It seems like the franchise is catching up with modern times where women are no longer damsels in distress but rather capable of holding up their own in a fight.

Just to be clear the role of James Bond is still a man. Lashana Lync’s character “Nomi” is just the replacement taking up the 007 code name while he’s in retirement. In Bond 25, MI6 agent Nomi, shadows a retired Bond in Jamaica while CIA buddy Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) tries to recruit him for one last mission. His mission entails rescuing a kidnapped scientist rumoured to be involved in a genetic engineering scheme hatched by baddie Rami Malek’s (Bohemian Rhapsody) character. There’s even the supposed return of Christoph Waltz’s the previous baddie in “Spectre.”

Elba, Idris Elba! Is he a good choice to be the next James Bond?

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