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Cardiologist gives KFCB boss, Dr Ezekiel Mutua a second chance to live



Media ethics chief whip, Ezekiel Mutua reveals he has a heart condition that has been giving him a run of his time.

Through social media, Dr Ezekiel on Monday stated that last week he went to hospital for checkup but doctors informed him that he needs to see a cardiologist urgently.

My BP was 157/86 against the normal of less than 120/80. My heart rate was 115 beats per minute against the normal of 60-80.

A flurry of tests would follow and the medical team attending to me recommended admission and a subsequent heart operation.

It was the scariest news I had ever received.

It is giving him a tough time considering he has a family and a couple of others depending on him.

However, he promised to remain strong for them all.


He shares that he has sought a second opinion from a professional medical team, one being his close ally who happens to be a doctor disclosing:

I gave him a call and he asked me to go over to his clinic right away.

A man of impeccable integrity and professionalism, Dr. Bagha has managed me in a way that I know God is using him.

He has restored hope where others planted fear.

He has put professionalism before money and with his calm and assuring demeanor has been used by God to save my life.

It is at this point that he reflects on the life he has lived and what truly matters in life.

I am grateful to have a second chance.

This is the kind of experience that makes one to have an introspection on what truly matters in life.

Further expressing gratitude to all who have had his back and held his hand whether through prayers or various other ways assuring the public he is stable and in good hands with Dr Bagha.

People like Dr. Bagha represent the best of humanity. They use their expertise to give hope and not fear.

I am grateful to have ended up in his hands.

I am being attended to as an outpatient and in two days there’s so much change.

Dr. Bagha has even become a family friend, the kind you want to keep for life. May God bless him for me!

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