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Centum’s positive outlook in 2019



Some analysts have predicted a dark 2019; high unemployment rates, high cost of production, low returns, and so on. However, Centum’s CEO Mr. James Mworia will have none of that. In an interview by Business Daily, the executive said that 2019 will be a good year.

Mr Mworia is the leader of one of the most successful investment companies in East Africa. His company, Centum Investments, focuses on diverse industries such as real estate, healthcare, education, financial services, agribusiness, fast moving consumer goods, power, and marketable securities. The company’s investments in healthcare, real estate, and fast moving consumer goods are aligned to Kenya’s ‘Big Four Agenda’.

The company’s positive outlook is anchored on Kenya’s stable political environment in 2019, government’s investment in the Big Four Agenda, and anticipated improvement in private sector credit which will lead to increased spending by the private sector.

In the past five years (with the exception of 2018), Centum has performed relatively well constantly earning better returns than the market average returns. The company has also efficiently managed its costs keeping them close to or below 2 per cent of total assets. The company’s costs are likely to further decrease after settling the Ksh6.4 billion corporate bond which matures 2021. Mr Mworia stated that his company plans to clear the debt before its maturity date.

The investment company aims to maintain its market-beating performance way into the future. Its strategy; invest in profitable ventures, create value, then sell off the investment.

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