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Christmas is over, reality of Njaanuary is now looming – Nairobi News



After Christmas, the dreaded ‘Njaanuary’ now looms large. What to do? Here are few helpful tips.

The Christmas festivities are now done and dusted. But as is the tradition for some people, this year’s Christmas, like many others in previous years, was a time of abundance and overindulgence.

From those who drank themselves silly to those who over ate, Christmas has been a time of unrestrained extravagance.

And now after Christmas, reality is beginning to kick in with the dreaded ‘Njaanuary’ looming large around the corner.

What to do now? Here are few tips which could be helpful.

1. Put your finances in order

Most people feel low because they overspent during Christmas and have already fretting what the New Year is bound to bring. The good news is that we not yet in Njaanuary, so you can begin by saving the little you have left over from Christmas.

2. Be choosy on what you eat

If you think eating more junks or more food anyhow without following diet is fun after Christmas watch out. You might end up visiting a friend and eating Christmas leftovers which might not go so well with your stomach.

A woman deep in thought. PHOTO | COURTESY

3. Don’t be depressed, just move on

Don’t dwell on your extravagance during Christmas and just focus on what is likely to recoup your depleted finances. Blaming the people you hanged out with for over drinking will only cause you more stress and chances are high that such an attitude will only drive you back to copious consumption of booze.

4. Have time out with family

If you spent Christmas with friends, then this is the right time to spend with your family. Avoid friends, stay reignite the family ties. These are the people likely to bail you out when the going gets tough.

5. Hit the gym

If you can afford it, this is another way you could shake off the Christmas blues as well as shed of the extra kilos from all that food you gobbled up during Christmas. It will help you ‘forget’ about what happened during Christmas and open up your brain to new ideas that you can pursue in the New Year.