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Chunga Atwoli! Sophia Wanuna warned about becoming his 4th wife!




Sophia Wanuna, the KTN news anchor has been warned by wary Kenyans about Central Organisations of Trade Unions (COTU) boss, Francis Atwoli.

Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli

Why would they do such a thing? Sophia hosted the COTU boss in an interview on KTN’s Checkpoint show when he abruptly declared his admiration for her.

He said:

I listen to you Sophia. I am a fan of KTN. I am your fan, in particular, you as Sophia. Let me tell you, I listen to you carefully.


The clip is below:

Although Atwoli might have made his remarks without any ulterior motive, some Kenyans were alarmed and said as much on social media, seeing her as a prime target to become his fourth wife.


Some of the comments from distressed Kenyans are below,

Theddy: Sophie usimpatie namba,? Atwoli ni Fisi, ?
Evansoh Demosh: Sophi,this is a trap Aya!
Bro Justus: Be very worried when Atwoli listens to you. Be worried.
Mkenya Halisi: Maybe he wants to marry again???
‏: This old man is simply he wants Sophia.He is so dirty! Bure kabisa


Gregory Anyona Mogaka:@SophiaWanuna that man is dangerous…he can just look at you and you become pregnant if he winks automatically you become his latest wife.
Mkenya Mzalendo: That line sounds like it has been used on someone Successfully before.
Davie N. Mwanthi: jamaa mfupi, mnono, round……

Don’t forget that last year, the COTU boss made the headlines after his relationship with another KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi was revealed.

Mary Kilobi and Atwoli
Mary Kilobi and Atwoli

The two started living as man and wife after Atwoli fulfilled the Luhya traditional formalities.

In June 2018, Francis sent a delegation to Kilobi’s parents in Kavula village, Bumula sub-county, where he was officially granted permission to marry the 34 years TV Personality.

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