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Comedian Shaniqwa expecting a baby with wife



Celebrated comedian Shaniqwa, is expecting a child with his wife come 2019. He took to social media to announce the great news to his fans.

He wrote,

“2018 ilikuwa mwaka wakupanda 2019 ni MAVUNO thank you LORD.”

Shaniqwa has graced our screens a number of times and he has mastered how ladies behave and incorporated that and made it a skit, and we love every bits of it.

Most people might be confused on how to address him, but he is a man who acts like a woman and shows us how most ladies behave up in these streets.

He came to the spotlight years ago, when he made a debut in a comedy called Comedy Club that aired on NTV.

The show had a massive viewership, but they all went separate ways to venture into different projects.

Well, congratulations are in order.