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Daddy Owen explains the danger of posting his son’s life on social media



Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

Gospel mega star Daddy Owen is known for his privacy settings when it comes to maters of his personal life.

Most of his fans never got to meet his wife until waaaaaaaay after the couple wedded and keep wondering why he does not post photos of her on the social networks.

Well, in an interview with Word Is he said:

“Marriage is amazing though it has its ups and down. What I always say is that Marriage is like Jiko, lazima upepete. If you do not pepeta, the fire will die and similar to marriage the work of a husband is to make sure that the fire does not die.”

Asked why he does not post his wife on social media, he said:

“My wife is private, yeye ni daktari mimi ni musician and therefore, I chose to be who I am today but for her she did not chose this kind of life of always being in public. Even my son, no one has ever seen him on social media and you might never see him there.

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Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

The singer known for his hit Vanity continued:

“I like my family to be private and that is why they love it that way. The moment you start exposing your family to the public, you expect the same backlash you get, they also get. ”


“For me, I know how to handle the public but for them they do not and that will affect them. He urged the other celebrities to avoid posting their spouses if they are not on social media.”

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