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Daddy’s girl! Ladasha makes DJ Mo teary with joy (Video)



There is no greater bond than that of a mother and the child, but one thing people don’t consider, or even talks about, as much, is a bond between father and daughter.

If you don’t know how that looks like or feels like, don’t worry, leo utajua.

DJ Mo and Ladasha Belle embody the perfect father-daughter bond that most people wish they had.

In a past Instagram Post DJ Mo gushed about Ladasha saying, “Thank you Lord for this baby Ladasha Belle, I love her so much yaani being a dad is a feeling I can’t explain .? .Lord, my prayer today is that – remember those out there who have been trusting you for one or many, just the way you remembered Hanna in the Bible – In Jesus name.”

Size 8 & DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo. photo credit: file

DJ Mo and  Size 8 shared a lovely parenting moment with the world.

“A huge smile when I look at this video what great gifts from God my people ????? love you DJ Mo and  Ladasha Belle…” Size 8 said sharing a cute father-daughter video.

In the video, Ladasha tells her dad, “I love you.”

And kisses his cheek.

How cute is that?

Check out the cute video below.

Here are some reactions to the video.

adel_i_am: Awww so cute, daddy-daughter bond ?

miss_bulenywa: As vocal as the mom

eve_muguongo: So cute I love what a healthy baby

alexmilenye: Oooh my God, when I grow up.

Ladasha Belle
Ladasha Belle with her dad, DJ Mo and mum, Size 8

The CUTEST thing I have seen on the internet today?

wambui_modestar: She’s sweet and adorable for sure

doreenmuisyo: How lovely this is

adhiambodorothy: So so lovely can’t stop smiling

rhoda_mwashumbe: This is so beautiful… A father-daughter bond is everything…God bless you guys

floraflozzygum: Aaaaaawwwww daddy’s little princess so cute Wambo amechukua mamake kuongea lol good job @size8reborn @djmokenya God bless your home baraka tele.

i_g_the_boy: Big up to this dad.hope mafathe wakale wameona

evelyn.amos: Aaawww she’s got daddy wrapped around her little finger! So cute

danthylicious: Awww… Lakini @djmokenya do you know this littu munchkin @ladashabelle is doing what mummy does to you @size8reborn ??? but she is super gorgy may God keep on blessing your fam

iamlillyanne: This is such a sweet video, depicts a fathers love for his daughter…lovely

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