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David Murathe’s remarks exposed DP Ruto’s troubles, ‘handshake’ a bridge to KANU 100 years rule



By E Emm

I hear David Murathe said something, and it suddenly has a section of Kenyans going orgasmic. That is the main tragedy with Kenyans; they have no principles, and subscribe to no moral code. My moral code says if I don’t like the Baniani, then I don’t like his shoe too, japo ni dawa. When the same Murathe talked a year ago about a dictatorial Uhuru the same demographic crucified him. It is not lost on anyone that Uhuru is living to that prophecy, and we’re none the better for it.

I wish to hereby state that Ruto may represent everything that is wrong with Kenya, but he is hardly the problem. He is only one of the symptoms. Our main problem is absence of a value system. That is why we rejoice when a man who doesn’t give a hoot about the ordinary Kenyan makes a declaration that seemingly is good for the Kenyan, only that it isn’t.

First of all that declaration is born out of betrayal. When you rejoice that someone has betrayed a trust with someone you hate in order to make you happy, you miss the point. For there is a time your interests will diverge and he will betray you too without a second thought. In any case, it has not been demonstrated that NOT having Ruto as president is good for Kenya. As long as the Kenyan has no say, even having Pope Francis as our future president will not be good for us.

We are happy that Ruto is being betrayed and neglecting to think what hidden harm to our general well-being and value system that does. It won’t be long before we learn that we have been played, and if history is anything to go by, it will be too late by then.

If on the other hand the two #Handchequers announced that they were reforming the IEBC and making it truly independent, and were embarking on civic education among Kenyans to enable them make informed choices, I might sit up and enjoy. But between you and me, the Catholic Church and the Seventh Day Adventists will kiss and make up before any of that happens.

I understand that in a situation such as the one the Despicable Duo have thrown us, which has unfortunately degenerated to the Despicable Trio after the #Handcheque, where despair is all we can see, any mirage is to be rejoiced at. I don’t want to spoil your season’s festivities, so, #KeepOnDreaming. Hopefully, you will wake up one day and realise that the right thing to do is to drive all those masquerading thugs out of town without mercy.

Well, dont be surprised when the handshake turns out to be a bridge for KANU to hit 100 years hold on power, picture a scenario where baba is forced to support Musalia in order to bury DP Ruto politically then Ruto re-engineers himself and ten years biunces back takes over from Mudavadi or worse /better still Gideon Moi takes over from Musalia and then boom Jomo wa Uhuru will be ready 20 years from now to take over from Mzee Gideon and he will do his 10 years and finally hand over to mkongwe Winnie Odinga to finally realise the Jaramogi dream- that will be a cool 99 years of total KANU rule by the a son of Charles Nyachae will be of age and Kisii’s will have numbers now that they are spreading seed to Lilian Mulis, Betty Kyallos and Shiro’s of this world….

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