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Dear haters, Raila is in Namibia on a well deserved vacation, paid by own hard earned money, he as Not Looted NCPB, KPL, KPC etc



By Kamasas Empraim and AB Murage via FB

Look at this scenario:

You traveled all the way from Nairobi to the village to join your father plus other family members for the Christmas and new year holidays. Raila opted to fly his entire family for a working holiday down south in Namibia. For the second day running, you are criticising Raila’s trip to Namibia with his entire family. Come on gentleman!

Your father could only afford to slaughter chicken, serve you with bottles of chang’aa and host you in his village home; that’s the furthest he could afford. On the other hand, Raila managed to fly his entire nucleus family to Namibia for the holidays.

Gentleman, learn how to live within your scripts. Get contended with what your parents can offer you without criticizing what another father can do for his family. What both Raila and your father are doing is one thing, same thing but being done on different scales of life.

Tosheka na hali yako!

Meanwhile comrade AB Murage adds:

Cde Rosco, I don’t know who you are. I haven’t met you. I wish I had. However, I have read your post characterizing and chastising Raila for being in Namibia with his family for New Year’s Eve. I don’t know what Raila has done wrong to be in Namibia. All I know is that he has done so using proceeds from his businesses — profit. The dude works hard therefore, it is within his right to play hard.

Eti Ruto ako Sugoi? I don’t know whether Raila has stopped Ruto from leaving Sugoi. Staying in Sugoi, Gatundu or Bondo for festivities does not cleanse anyone from being a suspected economic thief.

Raila has not stopped you from going to Mombasa with your family using the said SGR. The Kibera folks you have insulted follow Raila fanatically and unapologetically. I don’t think they have any regrets. The stones they throw represent their disgust for political and social injustice.

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