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DJ Mo´s adorable surprise moves wifey, Size 8 to tears



DJ Mo made ¨Mother´s Day¨ special for his significant other, Size 8 after displaying his surprise video that moved his wife to tears.

Just like any other weekend would be shopping day for the Murayas, the family left home for shopping, a day´s whose events, only DJ Mo was well aware of.

Courtesy of Omo washing detergent brand, Mother´s day had them re-brand it as ¨MOM¨ just to celebrate the love and sincere effort mothers put to see their families flourish.

DJ Mo celebrated his adorable wife in conjunction with Omo in a short but romantic video clip sharing:

The message

According to the popular Gospel DJ, wifey, Size 8 has been a major key player in his life as well as that of their daughter.

The disk jockey guru reveals that mama Ladasha has been the button that held the family together, whether in prayers, meals or house duties, she has done it all.

DJ Mo above all appreciates fact that the youthful gospel songbird graced his life as the mother of his daughter and expresses his love for the cheerful beauty.

All this saw his wifey break down to tears after it all burst into reality what she thought family never took note of.

Additionally, to appreciate the source of her rib, Size 8 shared:

Ohh happy day ??????? wow thank you @djmokenyathanks .

woishe this made my heart feel so nice……… God you remain faithful.

Wacha nikusifu daily……….

mothers you are all blessed for those who did not receive earthly recognition and appreciation God has seen your good work and will reward you Himself…………. #happymothersday

As DJ Mo lovingly replies:

????? I wish I could more babe ??

Comment section

Fans came out to express their love and admiration for the lovely family of 3 citing:

Hapa ndio mwanaume hushindwa afanye nini ?


Don’t ever let that man go… He is one in a million…. Hold him close to your heart


I am so happy for you


Where are this men,Mimi hata hakuna mwenye aliniambia ,h.m.d


Wauuuu so lovely and happy for you


Happy Mother’s Day Size8reborn


Happy mothers day ,wengine hawakujua ni mothers day u r blessed be thankful to God,love u


God bless you ,your family and marriage your protected


This is so lovely


Awwwwwwh…hold him tight gal..this type are rear.


To my name sake my prayer is that God will forever protect you ,your family and marriage forever thank you for being a prayerful Lady


?????????you did well DJMO


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