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DP Ruto can only be a Kingmaker, will never be President !



William Samoei Ruto has made fair political progress. This is exact goodwill that Raila Odinga enjoyed between 2005-2007. Him, being a kingmaker like His High representative RT. Hon. Raila Odinga, it pains me that results will never be any different, unless, vicious war and or devastating hunger strikes the Republic of Kenya.

This is biblical, don’t argue with me as WSR understands this predicament. Ruto’s arrogance is a none issue. The kingmaker jinx is only obstacle, unless the the king suffers his father jinx.

To change his fortune and consolidate his Kingmaker role he must henceforth do the following:

1. Ruto need to climb down the mountain of arrogance and take refuge in the plateau of humility. Seek forgiveness from those he insulted, despised and embarrassed in the public. Being remorseful is a strength not a weakness.

2. Ruto should encourage Uhuru to shake the cabinet and the entire government. The positions he was offered most of them he rewarded his Kalenjins and if he extended to other regions, then he gave the position to some nuisance kind of human beings. The kind of people who can’t sale Ruto’s candidature beyond their bedrooms. Do a shake up. On the slots meant for Ruto in government, he should them distribute them nationally and picking people that command respect in their communities. He needs that national face, national figure.

3. Ruto need to form his own political party. Start working on its structures early enough. Jubilee is not his party. He was misled to dissolve his URP. It has come to haunt him. Jubilee party is a property of Mt Kenya. RV are just squatters in it.

4. Invest in branding, yes the Sugoi man is just self confident but must be told that winning presidency is not about talking tough on TV interviews. It will take a cool plus 4 years of consistent messaging to clean his tainted image. The sooner he gets the PR team like that of Uhuru 2013 (BTB PR of London) plus Cambridge Analytica the better otherwise in 2022 it will be x vs mwizi and we all know how that will end.

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