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DP Ruto cornered, as Uhuru prepares to rule for long unless ‘Lung Cancer’ Slows him down



By Sospeter Mwangi

Ruto is being cornered and encircled and I don’t know whether he has the wherewithal to deal with it.

How would Ruto be were he to be just some opposition leader without portfolio and government networks, can he be formidable?

Raila has been through a whole 5 yr cycle out of government and still launched a formidable campaign in 2017, can Ruto do that??

Who is Ruto minus the DP position? The answer to this question can tell you what his real clout is….

Why is Uhuru interested in multiple centers of power in the non-Gema zones? He is courting Kalonzo, Raila, Mudavadi and Ruto all under parallel political deals, while his central Kenya backyard remains a monolithic bloc firmly behind him… which gives him the upper hand in the negotiating table… meaning he isn’t becoming lame duck, and hopes to be in this game for a long time probably as PM unless maybe COPD or ‘lung cancer’ slows him down…

Either way, as PM or whatever form, Uhuru wants a third term…. and the choice of Musalia Mudavadi points to a man seeking to be powerful Prime Minister with a malleable ceremonial president that he can control. Only Musalia can be controlled. Raila or Ruto aren’t malleable which is why the lights shine on the Rt Hon Musalia Mudavadi son of Mululu.

A Musalia Mudavadi ceremonial presidency guarantees Uhuru being in charge for a long time to come…. Raila is just a flower girl being harnessed for a greater and more focused political objective brilliantly executed. HAIL MT KENYA OLIGARCHS, they the game!

DP Ruto is busy blindly amazing wealth through dubious ways surrounded by lazy intellectual dwarfs like Duale, Murkomen etc,the man from Sugoi is one man kiosk, he takes no counsel, he has no known technical advisors, he has handlers whose agenda is to accumulate wealth.

Somebody tell DP Ruto that TV eloquency and political rallies do not win presidency, not sure really why he is repeating Raila Odinga mistakes. The DP has no good messaging team in place, Mugonyi and Talamu as just there to earn salary the other team he inherited from Statehouse led by Itumbi are marking time waiting for direction from the oligarchs. Kwa ufupi, DP Ruto is finished,, not even a miracle can help him and thus he should not bother prophet Awuor for such…

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