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‘DP Ruto’s ex chief of staff Marryanne Kaitany was a friend Not My Wife’- Hon Linturi tells court



Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has denied having any matrimonial ties with estranged ‘wife’ Maryanne Kitany.

This was in response to an application by Kitany who is seeking restraining orders against the lawmaker.

Citing threats to her life, Keitany further wants the court to order that she goes back to her matrimonial home in Runda.

She was on December 19 kicked out of the house by hired goons.

But the Linturi dismissed the application arguing that he was never married by law to the woman.

The lawmaker says he only allowed her (Kitany) to stay as a visitor and “that’s why she was evicted when she claimed that she is married.”

“I am in a monogamous relationship with only one woman who is not Kitany,” he argued through lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu.

“She was only allowed as a guest and when she started claiming to be married to my client when he is obviously in a monogamous relationship with someone else, then she abused his hospitality,” the court presided by Judge John Onyiego heard.

Linturi says that Keitany cannot lay claim to any of his property since they were never married.

He also denied claims that the union was executed in line with Meru custom as alleged by Kitany’s lawyers.

The petitioner, through her lawyers, alleges that they went through customary marriage in 2006 and have lived happily and acquired property together.

Linturi also sensationally claims that Kitany has over 200 properties in the country and therefore, does not need the matrimonial house.

He has also claimed that the woman is just abusing the court process adding that the matrimonial houses were acquired before the alleged customary marriage.

Kitany, on her part, maintained that she was Linturi’s wife and has stayed with him for all those years.

She further claimed to have contributed to the acquisition of the properties in dispute.

“It’s extremely laughable for the respondent to claim that my client was a guest when they had engraved the names of their children in the said house,” her lawyer said.

Kitany claims that she lost Sh10 million on the day that goons evicted her from her home.

Through her lawyer, she claimed that her children were hurt during the scuffle and their items were confiscated.

The court heard that she does not have a place to stay and that the kids are now homeless.

“Even though their kids are blended since each of them came with their kids from previous marriages, they enjoyed their stay at the home and should be allowed to live in peace,” her lawyer told the court.

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