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Drake claims his son Adonis is greater than celebrated artist Picasso



Pusha T took him to task earlier this year for refusing to acknowledge the child, Adonis, he had with adult film star turned painter Sophie Brussaux.

But Drake might be changing his tune as evidenced by the One Dance rapper’s Instagram post on Tuesday.

‘Adonis > Picasso don’t @ me‘ wrote suddenly proud dad Aubrey Graham in the caption of a picture of his son’s handprints collage.

Brussaux gave birth to Adonis on October 11, 2017, but Drake did not acknowledge the existence of his child until the release of his album Scorpion in late June 2018.

A month earlier, however, Pusha T brought the child into the public eye with his diss track The Story of Adidon.

‘You are hiding a child, let that boy come home/Deadbeat mothaf***a playin’ border patrol,’ rapped the Daytona creator before revealing the child’s name to the public for the first time.

The 32-year-old rapper, nonetheless, has rarely mentioned the one-year-old since he finally revealed the child’s existence to the world.

Drake’s excitement over smudged handprints marks a move in a positive direction.

Daily Mail