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Drama as woman storms wedding to claim ‘husband’ – PHOTOS – Nairobi News



A church wedding turned chaotic in Nakuru on Saturday when a 21-year-old woman stormed the ceremony claiming to be wife of the groom for the past three years.

The wedding between Dennis Kinyanjui and Agnes Wangari was being held at ACK Jehovah Shammah Nakuru in Pipeline area when the irate woman, Ms Agnes Wanjiru, stormed the church in the company of her mother and friends.

Ms Wanjiru claimed she is six-months pregnant and has been cohabiting with Mr Kinyanjui. She claimed the groom had committed to take care of her and their unborn baby.

Drama ensued when she was barred from accessing the church compound where the two factions exchanged bitter words.

A police officer tries to calm down an angry crowd at ACK Jehovah Shammah Mission Centre in Pipeline, Nakuru County, on December 29, 2018. PHOTO | AYUB MUIYURO

Those inside the church blocked the group accompanying Ms Wanjiru from accessing the premises and she had to jump over the gate to access the church and stop the wedding.

While the confrontation was taking place, the wedding was conducted hurriedly inside the church where the clergy pronounced the two as husband and wife.

Ms Wanjiru questioned why the wedding was conducted at ACK Jehovah Shammah and not Saints Prayers Fellowship situated in Ponda Mali, Nakuru where they have been members in the past year.

The Saints Prayers Fellowship church Bishop Stephen Kariuki had received a letter from Ms Wanjiru’s lawyer to stop the wedding.

Although the wedding went on under the leadership of a pastor identified as Livingstone Kimani of Heroes of Faith Church Ponda Mali Nakuru, the two factions extended the bitter exchange outside the church.

Ms Agnes Wanjiru’s mother Ms Lucy Wanjiku clims over the Church's gate during the confrontation. PHOTO | AYUB MUIYURO
Ms Agnes Wanjiru’s mother Ms Lucy Wanjiku clims over the Church’s gate during the confrontation. PHOTO | AYUB MUIYURO

The confrontation left some of the church’s window panes broken.

After the wedding, the bride and the groom were whisked away in vehicles that sped away at a high speed.

According to Ms Wanjiru’s mother Ms Lucy Wanjiku, the groom had visited her with his family to ask for her daughter’s hand in marriage and both families had consented to the marriage.

“We were yet to make plans to fully formalise their marriage when we were informed that he was planning to marry another woman,” said Ms Wanjiku.