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Eric Omondi forced to apologize after failing to appear for a show in Seattle, in the US



Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has been forced to apologize to his fans in the United States, after he failed to show up for a show in Seattle.

In a video he put up on his Insta-stories, the comedian apologized to the fans and event organizers, stating that this was the first time he missed a show in the US, and also promising to make it up to them.

Eric Omondi and his brother Fred Omondi. Why Eric Omondi has been forced to apologize

Eric explained that it was not the fault of the organizers and that they held up their end of the bargain, but he missed his first flight from Kisumu.

He further said that he also missed his flight from Nairobi to the US which he could not change, because the time difference could not allow him make it to Seattle in time for Miss Kenya, an event he was to host.

Eric Omondi in Kisumu

Eric Omondi in Kisumu

Hi guys, Eric Omondi here, so 2 weeks ago I was supposed to be in Seattle for Miss Kenya, that is July 6 and I did not make it and I just want to apologize officially to everybody who has been affected especially my fans and the organizers and Seattle at large. I wanted to clarify that this had nothing to do with the event organizers, Nyokabi and even Gloria. I missed my flight I was in Kisumu and my flight from Kisumu was delayed for hours and by the time I was getting to Nairobi, I could not catch my flight to the United States of America. And that time difference, there is no way I was gonna make it. The reason I’m making this video is to clarify that the event organizers got me the air ticket, I was paid and everything was done from their end but I was not able to catch that flight,” said Eric Omondi.

He also apologized to Teacher Wanjiku who ended up doing all the hosting work by herself, and the contestants too.


Street named

This comes a day after the funny man was honoured by the Kisumu County Government by having a street named after him in the Central Business District (CBD).

An elated Omondi who was in the county doing preparations for his upcoming Stadium Tour shared the good news via his social media pages, saluting County officials for such a great honour.

In his post, the funny man also promised to continue representing his home County to the fullest in his mission to tour the whole country.

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