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Esther Passaris ends her year with a fast – Nairobi News



Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has been on a water fast that will end on Monday.

Passaris opened up that she always ushers in the New Year with worship and fasting.

She also revealed that none of her prayers done in fasting has ever gone unanswered.

The politician was asked by her online followers why she was revealing her fasting and she replied; “It is in sharing that we bring others to God. We all have a duty to help deliver each other.”

“My hearts content and my prayers are in silence. I have had many of my prayers during fasting answered so speaking about them hasn’t negated Gods attention.”

Passaris is set to end her fasting on Monday at her parent’s home.

Passaris, whose father is a Greek Orthodox, says she learnt a lot of spirituality from him.