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Fans react to Diana Marua dancing ‘coconut for God’ on Bahati



The couple enjoying themselves in Dubai

Diana Marua has left fans have been left with their mouths wide agape after she danced what they called the “coconut”.

If you don’t know about the new style in town, move closer, here is what’s up.

The coconut is a new sexual style where the lady dances guided by the alphabet in the word “COCONUT”.

According to fans, Diana pulled that on Bahati when she danced to his latest release, Unavyonipenda.

Before the fame! Photos of Diana Marua looking dark-skinned

Check it out below.

The song has garnered over 400,000+ views on YouTube and it is getting massive airplay on radio and TV stations.

In a recent upload by Bahati, Diana is seen dancing to the song and Kenyans were quick to post salacious suppositions.

Vera Sidika flirts with Bahati! Someone tell Diana Marua (screenshot)

Here are some we selected for y’all.

djjamesrealest: Na Diana akupee coconut ?? style.

vera.4544: That’s song is sweet…. Powerful content ❤❤

loy.molly: Diana was about to twerk.

nelsonfreshie: Diana angekua vixen kwa hii song ingekua???

wilder_bonareri: Kwani Diana alitaka kudance aje hiyo time amewekea bahati matako kwenda nyumba???

aryanvinpreciosa: Mmejaribu hii style inaitwa coconut ama mko nyuma Kama Mimi??

chaozainab93: Dee unataka kusugua bahati nini… Lovely sana

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