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Father of reunited identical twins – Mellon and Sharon



After the story of twins – Sharon and Mellon – who were separated at birth went viral their father has finally opened up.

Sharon stays in Nairobi with her mother while her alleged twin, Mellon is in Kakamega with her mother and other siblings as well.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Jambo, Mellon and Sharon’s dad spoke out. He narrates how he saw Sharon in Kakamega town and he thought it was Mellon, his daughter who lives in Nairobi.

He called out to her using Sharon’s name but Mellon ignored him and walked away. This annoyed the father who called his then estranged wife to inform her that their daughter has ignored him.

“I had a lengthy argument with my wife asking her what kind of behaviours she is teaching their daughter. She explained that Sharon was at a church trip with the pastor’s wife but I did not believe her. I was sooo angry to an extent I deleted her number from my phone,” he said.

Still speaking with Radio Jambo, Sharon said that

“There is this day that I met Mellon’s father who referred to me as his daughter but I could hear none of it since he was a total stranger to me,” she recalled “i had to rush and board a vehicle before he could create a scene.”

In April, Mellon decided to make one of the longest journeys to the capital Nairobi as she sought to unravel the puzzle of Sharon where she was accompanied by her sister Mevis.

Sharon narated:

“We had a successful trip to Nairobi where we managed to meet Sharon and her mother at their home in Kangemi, During our meeting, We hugged tightly perhaps a clear indication that there was a strong bond between us.”


The two girls embarked on the long travel without the permission and knowledge of their father.

Mellon added,

“We did not inform our father because we knew so well that he would decline our request. We pushed our mother till she let us go. It is by God’s grace that we are back with Sharon today enjoying every moment together.”

Meanwhile, the triplets are demanding to be subjected to a DNA test to ascertain their identities and Kemri has volunteered to do a free DNA .

However, they have vowed that they will not part ways despite the outcome.

“We are so fond of each other that whatever way the DNA results might go, we shall always be together because ours is a beautiful story”.

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