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Fena Gitu continues to fan the rumours



fena Gitu

A couple of days back, Fena Gitu aka Fena Menal took to her social media account to post a celebratory birthday message for her “bunny” and the internets went wild!

fena Gitu

Fena Gitu’s Tomboy fashion style is straight-up fire!!

Her fans and detractors alike came out to give their opinions on the matter and I was admittedly nowhere near this conflagration because I was away on holiday.

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I will never understand why anyone would jump on the comment section of a video or photograph they come across on the internets to bleed their emotions on. I always figured that common sense dictated that if you see something offensive, you either mute the post or unfollow the individual but then again, common sense is not so common.

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It was however interesting to see her fellow artists come out aggressively to defend her rights to love whomever she decides to. Because at the end of the day that was what Kenyans were up in arms about; her sexuality:



8-4-4 is such a waste. We vote for waititu and then we want to control someone’s right to love. DAMN!!!!! ?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍?



Two of my favorite kneady people! Happy Birthday @niyati.patel10 my darling! We love you to infinity and beyond!♥️♥️♥️



Mtu asikuambie kitu. You are greater than mediocrity. ????


And not content with the small inferno she caused, on these damnable Instagrams, she has decided to post yet another innocuous photograph with a triggering caption:


The year is 2060 and you still gotta hide yo bixch. ? #FenaNgomaZakoBadoNiKali.

Cue the emotions to start streaming in.


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