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Gabu debuts hot new jam on Breakfast With The Stars



Koroga is the hot new banger Gabu has just dropped on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie on Kiss 100.

The jam features Arrow Boy and Daddy Andre, the newest signee to his record label Kompakt records, and true to form its guaranteed to help set you up for a party.

On the show, Gabu spoke about Saturday 18th is his birthday and he has plans to celebrate his 35th birthday with his family and friends in a “polite” intimate manner.

And he will also be supporting Kagwe Mungai at his album launch – which Adelle revealed she has listened to and she considers it dope.

Gabu dropped a gem about his personal life, revealing that his son is now 7 years old. Aye, if you were unaware, Gabu is a family man with a son.

And what of P-Unit?
Well, P-Unit is still a functioning outfit and they even recently had an event in Meru. Shaffie ribbed him about his groupmate’s ages going as far as to reveal that he is the youngest – at 35, one has to wonder how old the eldest is…

Gabu revealed that he met the deputy president through Jaguar whom he has been working with and he revealed his plans of tapping into William Ruto to create avenues for youth in the creative field.

Gabu made a tongue in cheek announcement that he is…

“no longer on the normal Youtube, i am now on Vevo and among the benefits of joining it are the revenue split is favourable and it cements him as a star.”

When challenged with the Kiss FM Brain Drain question, “All my relatives are black but I am not”, his response was coffee. Shaffie was impressed by his response but wasn’t too keen on the explanation -apparently, tea is a relative of coffee in Gabu’s book.

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