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Githurai Residents decry rise of hard drugs in the area



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Githurai residents have decried the rise in drug use by street children living in the area.

The residents have accused drug peddlers of providing hard drugs to the street children.

Edwin Njonjo who has a program to rehabilitate these children, Says the children usually face a challenge because after they are rehabilitated there is always somebody feeding them with drugs.

The most common being bhang,gum,jet fuel and even a drug known as tap tap which knocks out these kids thus destroying all the good work done.

Most of these street children are usually found at the Githurai roundabout although there are some in the inner parts of Githurai.

Some of the kids even have homes but run away to get the chance to use the drugs while some are even street girls who are expectant.

According to Njonjo most of these street children get the money to buy drugs by either mugging people or selling garbage to scrupulous traders who use them for personal benefit.

Njonjo says they have a proper recycling program to help the kids but the kids opt for easy ways to get money for the drugs.