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Gone too soon! Willy Paul´s father would have been a proud witness of his successes



Groove Awards winner, Willy Paul is proud of his achievement, this far but his major disappointment is the fact that his blood father never lived to see this day.

On social media, he shares taking pride, emerging as the ´NUMBER 1 hit maker´ for his consistent music releases, therefore putting off the naysayers.

However, what pains him deep down is fact that his blood father never lived to see the fruits of his son´s labour:

The ¨Hallelujah¨ hit maker believes his father would be overwhelmingly proud to see his son, stand infront of masses, who listen to him, sing by his jams and make him who he is today.

Unfortunately, there are things one would not uestion, way beyond our abilities. These are definitely the harsh realities we all have to live with.


To top it up, he seeks similar stories from followers and fans in the comment section but fans come out to commend the youthful artist on his success, music and attitude:

I love you attitude of not minding peoples business I think you have gone higher more than they expect.


When people start looking at your downfalls thats when you realize that your progress is on the Top and that God is surely uplifting u.

So dont worry people will never talk about you if they dont love, envy u so kip going and congratulations for being on top


Give them 100steps bro…hawawezi kukuweka down….


Let what people talk not define you but work hard pray so that God can shame them before you..

He will prepare a high table for you before your enemies so that they will know that you are a winner @Willy.paul.msafi


More failures when you eork hard they think negative about you my brother pudh on and ashame them my pozee ????


Keep it ua dad is ua guardian angel n happy 4 u @willy_paul_msafi


I love you @willy_paul_msafi


Aaaah mwanangu u never disappoint though kuna msee alidai kukupeleka kortin.. congratulations

God has and always will be faithful to you.keep up your faith

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