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Gubernatorial fashion: Mombasa’s Joho flexes



An RM 11-03 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph McLaren costs 30 million in the grey market.

And we have Obama’s Governor Hassan Joho rocking it like it ain’t no thing. I guess this is where the unimaginative yell platitudes like “lanes” or “goals” but I would rather you soak in that fact for few minutes.

How many things do you think you could buy for the price of this one watch? A Richard Mille for those of you that are still uninitiated, is a high end (luxury) watch that has come to prominence with celebrities and rappers flocking to them like flies to faeces.

Joho who has always been known for his taste matched the plenty priced watch with a Versace shirt and he posed ever so nonchalantly on social media as if to remind us that his weekend getup can not only buy my life but can also build a small clinic in my rural Shinyalu.



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