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Here’s some good and bad news if you’re spending Christmas in Nairobi – Nairobi News



If you’re spending Christmas in Nairobi and you intend to move around town, there is some good and bad news for you.

The good news first.

As you read this, Nairobi’s Central Business District has remarkably been transformed into a ‘ghost town’ bereft of the crazy traffic jam that you are used to on a normal day.

So if you are driving or commuting, expect to spend a shorter time on the road.


Now the bad news.

If you intend to use public transport to get around, then you could be in for a small hitch, what with the reduced number of town Public Services Vehicles (PSVs).

This is because most PSVs have either cashed in on the traveller ‘boom’ and headed upcountry or the crew, just like everyone else, are taking a rare day off to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones.

Meaning there will be far fewer matatus and buses in town today.


A spot-check by Nairobi News on Christmas eve revealed that many buses were ferrying passengers to Nyanza and Western region.

Most travellers, hoping to arrive at their respective rural homes on time for Christmas, praised the decision by the town service vehicles to ferry passengers upcountry, saying the move helped eased congestion at upcountry bus termini.

“The decision has really assisted us, for example I could not have found a bus to Kisii until this bus from Githurai came here,” said one passenger.

However, Nairobi News also established that the buses are taking advantage of the situation to make a killing with hiked fares.