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Hilarious video of DJ Mo’s reaction to Size 8’s failed breakfast suprise



Size 8 and DJ Mo are couple goals. They are soon welcoming a fourth member into their fold.

In a recent interview, Size 8 addressed the issue.

“God will reveal that more as time goes by. I had fears of getting pregnancy again but I thank God after I joined Bible school, I was taught a lot of things that helped me fight the fear. That is why for a long time people were even wondering kwani Size 8 hazai tena?” she said.

If all goes well, Ladasha Belle will be a big sister.

DJ Mo and Size 8/ Instagram

Anyhow, Size 8 and DJ Mo gave us a glimpse into their life together in their show, The Murayas.

In one episode, Size 8 is seeing making preparations to surprise the hubby.

“Today, I have a surprise for my husband. I will cook for him some arrow roots (nduma)”

She wanted to make her hubby breakfast in bed, so, she woke up early but an hour later, she ended up with three soggy, over cooked and crumbling arrow roots.

They were cooked under a lot of heat and pressure, for an hour.

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DJ Mo and Size 8/ Instagram

In the video, DJ Mo can be heard in the background asking his wife when the meal will be ready because he is in a hurry.

Size 8 tries to stall but DJ Mo won’t have any of that so she has to present the meal as is.

She even called her mother in law to see if she can get some help. This was after putting the soggy breakfast in the freezer to see if it can save the situation and cause the arrow roots to congeal together.

When the meal was finally presented before DJ Mo. His reaction to it is priceless.

DJ Mo asked “Is this arrow roots or Ugali? What happened? Is there a new way of cooking this? I have asked you for this for hours?

Adding, “You should have called my mum to ask. You have really surprised me, babe”

He continued, “She was scared because she did not want to tell me she has messed it up. But finally the arrow roots are here. Atleast they are crashed, they are delicious.”

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Size 8 gave a speech about the botched breakfast.

“My apologies, nduma bomoka ndio hii,” she said laughing. “I had good intentions babe.”

Watch the entire saga here. Too, too funny…

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