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Hot Dzammn! 10 photos of Inspekta Mwala star hanging out with beauties



Inspekta Mwala is short and sweet.

And we all know how the ladies love sweet things.

The popular TV actor loves to express his love for the fair s3x. He does it with a hint of comic effect.

He has come a long way to be the recognizable household name. Inspekat Mwala once revealed that his first salary for a TV gig was a measly Ksh 150.

This was when he started acting in Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani shows in 1994.

“I appeared in one show that month, and since that was the amount payable to part-time actors, that is what I went home with that month. It was tough,” the actor recalled.

At one time, he appeared in more shows and his pay was hiked.

Inspeka Mwala said:

“The amount increased to Sh450 the following month because I managed to appear in three shows (out of a maximum four) and soon after, I was almost indispensable.”

For your viewing pleasure, we selected some of the interesting photos with some hotties.

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