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How Nameless and Shaffie squashed their beef live on radio



When Nameless walked into the KISSFM studios, Adelle and Shaffie could not help but mention that he is more at home than a guest.

This is because they have been friends with Shaffie for a very long time.

Then out of the blue Nameless and Shaffie started an argument out of nowhere claiming they have unresolved issues.

Nameless said:

we have unresolved issues but we are working on it

This being the first time in 2019 Nameless was on Breakfast With The Stars, Adelle asked him how the year has been thus far.

2019 is a big year for me it is a year that I have been preparing for.  I realized it had been 20 years since I started my music career. There is a lot I have to do because I have been working on this the whole of last year

How it all start?

One Neto (an artiste) convinced me to rap. I recorded a song with him and I heard it once in 6 months on the radio. That’s when guys would tell me I’ve heard you on the radio. It was scary because kalamashaka was big. We wanted to be like them but I always wondered can I?

Kalamashaka’s tafsiri was one song that made me question if I actually wanted to join music. A few months later I got a music deal on a radio station. They were calling out for talent that can  impress enough to work with Tedd Josiah

Before Nameless came up with a stage name, he went through many funny names. He laughed about the names with Adelle and Shaffie.

from Slimy tall to mechanic so I came up with nameless and the presenter liked it, she said it was an amazing name. THat is how Nameless was born.

So does he jam to his own music seeing as they are all big hits?

I do not jam to my own songs. before I release a song I listen to it a lot because it is a work in progress. when I release it, it’s not mine anymore. I only listen to it when I am performing.

From Megarider to his other songs, you can tell there is a difference in sound. What happened for it to change?

I needed to make my music more viral because it would make me the money IN GIGS. Back then  endorsements were not a thing. and that is when I met Ogopa who had the same mindset.

E-Sir is one of the closest guys he worked with before he lost his life.

He mentioned that the memory he will forever keep is the music project they works on called  ‘Bomba Train’.

 E-sir was one of the ideal collaborations. we were two guys who were fans of each other and we became friends. he was like a small brother to me. it all started with talking about our issues in the music game  then one day we decided to come together and work.

The last show we did was when he was closing the deals. he had now understood the business in music. his music was doing so well but the money doesn’t match up. so I taught him to commercialize his music

Back then beef was different not like now when you just go call someone out on social media. So after Nameless released Ninanoki, he knew it would be a hit and after being released, it was exactly that.

After his hard work, he went on holiday to the UK but shock on him. Another label unleashed thier news single that beat Nameless’ Ninanoki.

the song that killed ninanoki. a month after I went to the UK for a holiday was Unbowgable. It was a message by Ted to Ogopa that they still rule. I had to go back to the drawing board. The song felt like it was to me. have you heard the words? Who are you? what are you? who the hell do you think you’re? Another reason why we teamed up with E-sir. We felt threatened.

But guess what, just after ogopa’s reign, Calif Records comes up

With all hits, he decided to collaborate with King of rap, Khaligraph Jones and release the remix to his first song, Megarider. He confesses that he learned a lot working with the new era of the entertainment industry.

”I was afraid of my boss” Nameless reveals how he come up with his name

So what are his last words to the new era seeing as he has been in the game for 20 years and is still relevant?

ARTISTEs need to realize that A-listers bring the money to company – radio stations. so they have to understand that sometimes you have to be put on hold up until the company sees that you can bring in money. BASICALLY, Make music that can make you money

Enjoy the new Megarider by Nameless featuring Khaligraph Jones:

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